S. Max Brown



S. Max Brown

In the last seventeen years, Max has made over two thousand presentations and met with leaders in locations all around the world. He’s taken clients rappelling off the Great Wall of China, facilitated at the Parliament of World Religions Conference in Spain, and spoken in hundreds of places including Athens, Bangalore, Beijing, Dublin, Hong Kong, The Hague, Mumbai, Paris, New York, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver, and Sydney . . . Nebraska.

His presentations on enterprise excellence and “Leadership Vertigo” have received high ratings from audiences at companies such as 3M, American Express, GE, Southwest Airlines, The Nature Conservancy, HSBC, and The Canadian Federal Government. Max regularly presents to GE leaders at one of the highest-rated leadership programs they offer. He has also received an “all-star” recommended speaker designation from the International Association of Business Communicators. As a result, he travels 200,000 miles per year to deliver presentations to clients around the globe!

Max is the Director of Leadership and Executive Education at the Shingo Institute (home of the Shingo Prize), within the Huntsman School of Business at Utah State University. He is also the co-author of the upcoming book titled “Leadership Vertigo.”

He has a certificate in Leadership Coaching from Georgetown University, a master’s degree in Organizational Learning from George Mason University, and graduated magna cum laude from Brigham Young University. He also speaks Mandarin Chinese.

Max and his wife, Sally, live in Salt Lake City, Utah and they are the proud parents of two amazing kids. When they have time, they love spending time on their ranch in Idaho.

Previous adventures include living five years coaching clients and building a retail business in China, co-hosting the Real Recognition Radio show, shark diving off the coast of Honduras, and horse riding in Inner Mongolia.


Client Feedback

“Max, you were terrific.  It’s no wonder that we get 99%+ ratings from the participants with great faculty like you.”  -John Loomis, GE VP & Corporate Officer


“Watching my first in-person presentation by @smaxbrown. WOW – a really powerful experience!”  -Doug Conant, CEO Campbell Soup


“Max’s presentation is relevant, entertaining, and thought provoking.  He is on the cutting edge in the field of leadership and how to be a more effective leader.”  -Chris Scotto DiVetta, GE Corporate Leadership Staff (CLS)  


“Planning an Association conference has multiple challenges, not least of which is putting together a slate of presenters that will educate the group while taking them beyond the meeting room.  S. Max Brown did just that for our group.  Max has an optimistic yet realistic message that will resonate with everyone.  His rich background of experiences – which is beyond the grasp of many—informs his credibility while allowing the listener to glimpse the immensity of the human experience.  Max was a joy to work with and will bring energy and optimism to your event. Our audience feedback was: “Max Brown was excellent!! Energizing”  -Leslie Miller, Membership Manager,  National Fluid Power Association


“Hi Max, heard that you are in Bangalore and that you addressed UB today. My husband heard u speak and was mighty impressed. Thanks a ton :)”  -From a Twitter Follower in Bangalore, India


“We always try to schedule a good speaker for the last session so people don’t leave early. I’ve been running conferences for several years and cannot recall a speaker who received so many “Outstanding,” “Excellent,” and “Great” comments.”  -Bill Passolt, Executive Director PIAA,  CEO Fortress Insurance Company


“Your presentation to American Express was informative, inspiring and presented in an extremely persuasive and charismatic manner!”Dean Vocaturo, Vice President American Express “Your exceptional ability to communicate a clear message with humor, wit and razor-sharp insight is why you had the highest score of all the presenters at the conference.”  -Jacob Raymer, Conference Director The Shingo Prize

“When Max speaks you feel as though you are the only one in the room; that he is speaking directly to you; and that his message was meant for you. Our employees are still talking about Max and it is a month after his visit. Max’s unpretentious, approachable style worked for FCCI. It’s interesting, but 600 people feel that Max is their new best friend.”  -Lisa Krouse, VP HR,  FCCI Insurance Group


Feedback summary from GE:•“Max is tremendous! Do a larger meeting with him”•“5+ Amazing” “You had a profound impact on the group in an amazingly short period of time.”  -Anne deBruin Sample, SVP HR PepsiAmericas


“Your excellent audience evaluations qualify you as an IABC all-star speaker with the “IABC recommended speaker” designation.”  -Stacey Thornberry Intl Assoc Business Communicators

“We rely on Max to provide a presentation that resonates with educators each year at the Florida Department of Education’s Leadership Academy. Max always delivers. His message is conveyed with wit, sincerity and a deep conviction that inspires and motivates even the most skeptical administrator. His presentations are wonderfully interactive, perfectly paced and always memorable. His evaluations are consistently exceptional. In a nutshell, Max is an amazing presenter.”  -Mary Ellen Bafumo, Ph.D. Program Director Council for Educational Change